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Junction - A Dystopian Sci-fi Fantasy That Needs An Art Team

Sci Fi Western

This is a post racial world, so we should have not a lot of white skinned characters in this, and facial features should blend different races into unique looks. Also, this is a world where technology has been dialed back to something similar to the nineteenth century, where bullets are scarce but still used, but there are knives, swords, axes and other hand weapons. This said, the weapons should look like they came out of the old west, but perhaps with only a small tweak of future tech/design.

That said, there are remnants of technology left, most of it dealing with biotech and nanotech, some of it swarming around inside of special people, others being reused from the bodies of the deceased. Any type of tech that we see applied is old and has been repurposed from the bodies of others, things that are useful to the societies that use them. And a certain tech is often used specifically within a specific community, the ones that are fortunate enough to have someone with the ability to mend and repair these things as well as repurpose parts from trash ‘mines’ and other things.

There are tribes of people, such as Virgil’s tribe, that have no technology, and are averse to technology of any sort, they shun it in place of what they see to be the true world.

This is a world where rules don’t apply, where law is in the hands of the men and women with the most firepower or the highest level of insanity. It is not a supernatural world, or one that has an overabundance of sci-fi, but there are remnants of a society that was almost...perfect.

The basic characters that we follow are a young pregnant woman that belongs to a community of people that don’t believe in birth before marriage, a remnant of Christian thought, a community that is very strict and very insane in believing their scripture. This young woman has enough energy/resolve to want to save her baby from death and she takes this into her own hands and kills the man taking her to the ‘doctor’ to rid her of her baby.

This is when we have the lone pacifist outsider find her and take her with him into the unknown.

Story 1.
The Shooting.

Story 2.
The Great Unknown.

Story 3.
The Big Hurt

Story 4.
The Hunt Begins

Story 5.
Getting to know you.

Story 6.
The Hunt Ends

Story 7.
The babe cometh.

Story 8.

Rules of this Universe

Single shot guns. Rifles and pistols.

Tribal lands and laws.

The people of this land have an overall paranoia of their neighbours and keep them at arms’ length.

Food is scarce.

Plant life has taken on an interesting aspect, what we eat now can have to be able to spot the non-lethal foods.

Animals are raised as food, but the food based variety are inert and incapable of movement. They resemble masses of meat.

Lands are bare, mostly desert and barren, even the lands with the snow.

Water has to be purified before drinking.

Wild animals are often mutated horrid things.


Totally isolated.
She is embedded with various technologies that allow her to pick up various signals from her community, bandwidths, etcetra. These are also equipped with translation programs.


Completely without technology.
Studying to be a “One”, something of a Shaman, or in union with the Earth. On a quest to become a man.
Has a bow and a knife. The bow is a compound bow, used for hunting.
A pacifist that kills only what he needs and is thankful for all that provides him with life.  

The Killing

This story take place in the middle of a snow covered forest. Everyone involved is covered in thick garments, their eyebrows are frosted, their noses and cheeks red due to exposure to the elements.

Page 1.

Panel 1. A small tuft of hair on a snow-covered branch. It has been left behind by a large animal going through the forest.  

Panel 2. Virgil is crouching looking at the tracks of something that has gone through the forest before him. IT was a large animal, and the tracks are large and have moved a lot of snow around.

Panel 3. An establishing shot of Virgil in the woods alone looking at the small piece of fur. This is a bird’s eye shot, so you see a great deal of forest. The bang SFX comes from far away.

Panel 4. Inset into panel 3. Virgil’s face looking up and towards the noise.


Page 2.

Panel 1. Virgil running through the forest.

Panel 2. Virgil stopping.

Panel 3. Virgil peering through the underbrush.

Panel 4. The face of Gaila. There are some spots of blood on it, but she looks defiant.

Page 3.

Panel 1. Splash page. Bird’s eye view. There is a dead body in the middle of the page. Blood is splattered everywhere. and Gaila is standing over it with a smoking gun in her hand, there are dogs from a dog sled all around; the dogs are still attached to a sled.

Page 4.

Panel 1. Gaila’s eyes. They are wide and scared, she has realized what she has done. There are wisps of breathe coming from her mouth due to the cold.

Gaila (heavy breathing): Huff huff huff

Panel 2. The gun in her hand.

Panel 3. The dead man’s face, his eyes are blank and blood is streaming from his face has started to pool in the snow.

Panel 4.  Gaila crumbling to her knees.

Panel 5. The gun falling from Gaila’s hand.

Page 5.

Panel 1. Gaila’s face. Tears streaming from them.

Panel 2. Gaila, her hands (the one not holding the gun) caressing her pregnant stomach.

Panel 3. One of the dogs licking Gaila’s face, making her look up.

Panel 4. Gaila looking out into the bush.

Panel 5. Virgil’s eyes staring out from the bushes.

Page 6.

Panel 1. Gaila stumbling for the gun.

Panel 2. Gaila holding the gun up in front of her, but gingerly.

Panel 3. Gaila shouting.

Gaila: You!

Gaila: Get out here.

Panel 4. Virgil emerging from the bush.

Panel 5. Virgil standing with his hands by his side, his head slightly tilted, questioningly.

Virgil:  Ert pu allt i lagi?

Page 7.

Panel 1. Gaila touching a dial on her neck. It helps her translate another language.

Neck translator (electric): R...Are

Neck translator (electric):

Neck translator (electric): ul...all

Neck translator (electric): rrrut...right

Panel 2. Gaila looking shocked, one hand on her neck dial and the other still with the gun trained on Virgil.

Gaila: Your dirty language can barely be translated.

Panel 3. Virgil, looking slightly confused.

Virgil (translated); I don’t understand you.

Panel 4. Gaila yelling and weeping still.

Gaila: That is because you don’t understand the pure tongue.

Page 8

Panel 1. Virgil, looking concerned.

Virgil (translated): You are with child.

Panel 2. Gaila, angry, still pointing the gun.  

Gaila: Don’t you look at me you filthy sonavubitch.

Panel 3. Gaila touching her stomach with one hand, looking down at her pregnant stomach. Her other arm is still holding the gun up, but her arm is weakening from her emotion, her arm holding the gun is drooping.

Gaila: Don’t you talk about my baby.

Panel 4. Gaila’s face, her teeth gritted, her hair blowing in front of her face slightly, tears rolling down her face.

Gaila; This child is mine. You can’t have it.

Panel 5. Worm’s eye view. The face of the dead, but in the background you can see Gaila.

Gaila: No one is taking my baby.

Page 9.

Panel 1. Gaila holding up the gun.

Panel 2. Gaila firing the gun.

Panel 3. The bullet hitting a tree to the left of Virgil.

Panel 4. Gaila dropping the gun, exhausted.

Gaila: Ah!

Gaila (muttering): nasty, dirty....

Panel 5. Virgil approaching Gaila with his hands up.

Virgil (translated): I won’t hurt you.

Page 10.

Panel 1. Splash page. Virgil holding Gaila in his arms.

Caption: End Part 1.

Caption: The Shooting.

Caption: By ?????? and Martin John

Story 2: The Great Unknown

Page 1.

Panel 1. Gaila pushing against a gale of wind, snow lashing at her slightly exposed face. She is frightened, and nervously looking at something she has seen in the bushes surrounding her. She has the gun in her hands from the first story.

Panel 2.  The eyes of a large animal. This animal is not seen, but it is something fierce, a predator that has been exposed to mutation...wolf, dog and whatever else you want to pack into it.

Page 2

Panel 1. A FLASHBACK sequence begins here...but this is only a flashback to a couple moments before the first page. Virgil is standing on the sled from the previous story while the dogs from the previous story pull it, with Gaila sitting on the sled in the back. Gaila is looking at Virgil with such hatred and venom in her face. She hates him. She hates him for being different than what she is used to. She hates him because he is compassionate and wonderful. It is snowing

Panel 2. Virgil’s face. He is squinting to keep the snow out.

Panel 3. Similar shot to panel 2, but Virgil has a look of pain on his face.

Panel 4. Similar shot to panel 2 and 3, but Virgil has dropped out of the panel and behind him Raina has the gun from the first chapter in her hand, but turned on end and used as a bludgeon.

Panel 5. Virgil’s body in the snow in an awkward position with a small spattering of blood on the snow. END OF FLASHBACK.

Page 3.

Panel 1. Gaila pointing her gun towards a sound that she has heard.

Panel 2. A silhouette of the mutated animal coming out of the bush behind Gaila.

Panel 3. The mutated animal behind Gaila, the animal’s maw is dripping with anticipation of a good meal.

Mutated Animal : GRRRR

Panel 4. Gaila frightened.

Page 4.

Panel 1. Gaila has turned and is facing the beast straight on. It is about ten feet away.

Page 5.

Panel 1. Gaila’s shaking hands.

Panel 2. The hammer of the gun in Gaila’s hands drawing back.

Panel 3. Virgil’s hand on Gaila’s hand.

Panel 4. Shot from in front of Gaila. Virgil is behind her with one hand on her shoulder and the other reaching forward to the gun to reach over her hand. Blood is pouring from his head.

Virgil: Don’t.

Panel 5. The creature looking at both Virgil and Gaila. It’s fangs are bared and it looks ready to leap forward.

Virgil: This is not OUR way.

Page 6.

Panel 1. Gaila. She is angry and scared, a lone tear is streaming down her face quietly, but is otherwise hysterical.

Gaila: It’ll kill us.

Panel 2. Virgil.

Virgil: I will protect you. Do not shoot him.

Panel 3. Virgil stepping in front of Gaila.

Panel 4. Virgil drawing a knife.

Panel 5. Virgil cutting the palm of one hand.

Virgil: My blood is yours.

Page 7.

Panel 1. Virgil with a snarl of his face like that of an animal.

Virgil: RRAWLL

Panel 2. Virgil moving closer to the animal. They stare at each other with menace.

Panel 3. Virgil swiping his cut hand in front of him, splattering the animal with blood.

Panel 4. The face of the animal with blood splattered on it.

Page 8.

Panel 1. The animal swiping at Virgil.

Panel 2. Tears in Virgil’s clothes. Some blood leaking out over them.

Panel 3. Virgil swiping at the animal.

Panel 4. Virgil’s knife digging into the animal’s skin.

Panel 5. A wound in the monster’s side.

Animal: RAWWWL

Panel 6. The monster turning into the bushes.

Page 9.

Panel 1. Gaila staring at Virgil. Try and position this shot so that you can only see their heads, but if you have to show a little more try and make it so that you don’t see too much of Virgil’s torso, and if you have to show that, try not to show how wounded he is.

Panel 2. Focus on Virgil’s torso, it is bleeding quite a lot.

Panel 3. Virgil clutching his chest.

Panel 4. Virgil falling to his knees.

Panel 5. Gaila staring at Virgil.

Gaila: I’m sorry.

Gaila: I’m so sorry

Page 10.

Panel 1. Splash. Gaila clutching Virgil in her arms. Note: This is almost a mirror image of the last page of the first story.

Caption: End Part 2.

Caption: The Great Unknown.

Caption: By ??????? and Martin John
Story 3: The Big Hurt

Page 1.

Panel 1. Splash page. A cave surrounded by snow and trees during the night. The opening in the cave can be larger than in the reference I have given. There is a glow coming out of the mouth of the cave coming from a fire that is just inside of it. There are four dogs outside of the cave lying in the snow.

Page 2.

Panel 1. Gaila and Virgil are in the cave. The top of the cave is covered in ice, but the walls are stone. There is a small fire in the cave at the mouth of the cave so that the smoke can escape. Virgil is looking worse for wear having been injured in the last story. He is lying down, covered in furs. Gaila is curled up, sitting across from him, looking at him, she is surrounded by a couple of dogs for their warmth. There is a small kettle on the fire. Also have a canister of water in the cave as well, one made of metal. Also, Virgil’s clothes have been cleaned, although slightly stained from blood and are hanging from some sticks propped in the ground.

Panel 2. Gaila hugging one of the dogs.

Panel 3. Gaila pushing herself up off the ground.

Panel 4. Gaila pushing the hair off Virgil’s sweat-covered brow.

Panel 5. Gaila with an confused, but angry look on her face.

Gaila: You stupid Noborg.

Page 3.

Panel 1. Flashback starts. Gaila looking across a yard with filled with farm animals at a handsome young man (Simon) who is splitting wood. Everything is still snow covered. The young man and everyone else in the scene have small amounts of technology built into their skins, and the village that they are in looks worn, but it has things like satellite dishes, people are texting on phones. Think of it as a blend of the wild west with the way things are now.

Panel 2. Focus on Simon. In the background Gaila is looking over.

Panel 3. Gaila’s eyes. A Leone shot.

Panel 4. Simon’s eyes. A Leone shot.

Panel 5. Simon and Gaila looking at each other, face to face,

Panel 6. Simon and Gaila kissing one another, they are obviously naked. End of Flashback.

Page 4.

Panel 1. Gaila removing the blankets from Virgil’s midsection.

Panel 2. A closeup of Virgil’s midsection where he was injured. Where you can see the wounds they are deep and red with infection. On top of the wounds are a strange hybrid of leech, maggot, and tech. These are genetically engineered beings that are used to treat wounds, their are about ten of them taking the infection from the wound. Virgil is completely naked, which you can either show, or not show.

Panel 3. Virgil’s face, in a feverish state. He looks tortured.

Panel 4. Gaila looking down at Virgil.

Gaila: I’m Gaila of the...just Gaila now.

Panel 5. Gaila. Melancholy.

Gaila: All I have is you.

Panel 6. Gaila’s hands on her belly.
Page 5.

Panel 1. Gaila taking a cloth to Virgil’s brow.

Gaila: You are handsome.

Panel 2. Gaila, her face very close

Gaila: You just might be growing on me.

Panel 3. Virgil’s face. He is very much suffering.

Panel 4. A flashback starts here, but you can make this somewhat ethereal and dreamy due to the fever. Virgil is praying over a dead rabbit that he has shot with an arrow.

Virgil: Thank you small one for your life and for my life.

Panel 5. Virgil is looking up as a dark shadow has been cast over him.

Page 6.

Panel 1. This is the Shaman of Virgil’s tribe, White Crow, he is elderly and gravely serious.

White Crow: Virgil.

Virgil: White Crow

Panel 2. A medium shot of Virgil and White Crow talking.

White Crow: I have been watching you.

White Crow: You are ready to find the one?

Virgil: Ok.

Panel 3. Virgil packing up his things.

Panel 4. White Crow looking at Virgil walk into the darkness of the woods.

Panel 5. Virgil walking the darkness.

Page 7.

Panel 1. The darkness.

Panel 2. Panned back from the darkness we have the mouth of the cave as seen from the inside.

Panel 3. Gaila is looking over Virgil.

Panel 4. Virgil’s eyes open.

Panel 5. Virgil looking up at Gaila.

Virgil: What?

Page 8.

Panel 1. Virgil looking down at his chest, his head just tipped up slightly as he weakly looks at what is going on on his chest.

Panel 2. Virgil letting his head drop.

Panel 3. Virgil yelling in anger and distress.

Virgil: No.

Vigril: Take it off.

Virgil: Take them off.

Panel 4. Gaila peeling a “leech” off of Virgil’s chest, there is blood, pus and mucus coming off of Virgil’s chests and the “leech”. Virgil’s face is something of a mix of pain and horror.

Page 9.

Panel 1. Virgil with his back against the wall of the cave, the dogs are pressed up against him. Gaila is in the foreground.

Virgil: My people live a natural life, the one that is planned for us.

Virgil: We don’t question the Path. The Path takes us from life to death and we ride the wild animal’s back until the end.

Panel 2. Virgil’s eyes.

Virgil: You have put my Path into question.

Panel 3. Gaila. Looking over at Virgil.

Gaila: I know you can’t understand me you heathen, but I saved your life. You were starting to poison.

Gaila: Now we’re even. As soon as this storm blows over I am taking the sled and leaving.

Panel 4. Gaila.

Gaila: Do you understand “ALONE”?  

Panel 5. Virgil looking over at Gaila.

Virgil: Can you get my drum from my pack?

Panel 6. Gaila taking the drum from the outside of Virgil’s pack. She is being stubborn, but she is helping.

Gaila: Fucking heathen.

Panel 7. Gaila handing the drum to Virgil.

Page 10.

Panel 1. A full page spread. Gaila watching Virgil drumming and singing a song about the creation of the world. . The smoke from the campfire is curling. This is a mystical and magical page. Gaila and Virgil should be on the bottom right of the page, as to allow room for the song. (Note: When lettering the pages, I may pepper the song among the pages from the start as captions)

Virgil’s Song:

In a land of endless snow.
Cold and icy winds did blow.
No lakes and rivers did they flow.

The First Ones hunted
And confronted
A bear one day in the ice.

Around it’s neck there was a sac
The hunters stopped, they did not attack.
They asked to see what the bear did pack.

The bear showed the men
The warmth and the sun.
Kept in the pouch around his neck.

They begged and they pleaded
For the bear to concede it.
But the bear loved the sun for himself.

The hunters went to their chief
Who invited the bear for a feast
To talk about sharing the sun.

When the beast came to eat
Without the sun’s heat
Which drove the chief to the path of deceit.

Full on meat the bear did sleep.
The chief picked a brave
And out to the bear’s den did she creep.

Another bear awaited the hunter’s arrival
There was a fight for their mortal survival.
Each of them fatally wounded their rival.

As the warriors perished
The hunter took what the beast’s cherished
And spilled the sun into the sky.

It melted the cold.
The sky turned to gold.
And fishes rolled into the waters.

Flowers came to the bushes and trees.
And with the warm breeze
Summer was born to all of their daughters.

Caption: End Part 3.

Caption: The Big Hurt.

Caption: By ?????? and Martin John

Story 4: The Hunt Begins

Page 1

Panel 1. A splash. Virgil looking on as Gaila rides away with the dogs and the sled. Virgil’s shoulders are slumped and he has one hand protectively over the area that was injured.

Page 2.

Panel 1. The dead body from the first story, the man that Gaila killed. It has spent several days in a blizzard, has frozen and is frozen to the ground. The body has been snowed upon and then dug out of the snow by Amal (as pictured but twenty years older, female and grizzled: scarred and lived in, with some hardware built into her face). Amal is kneeling by the body, looking at it closely.

Panel 2. The empty holster of the dead body.

Panel 3. The wound that the bullet made in the dead man’s body. There is a large patch of frozen blood beneath the place that the bullet exited.

Panel 4. Slight depressions in the snow coming out from behind the bush that Virgil had hidden behind in the snow during the first story.

Panel 5. Slight depressions in the snow where the sled continued along the path.

Page 3.

Panel 1. Amal standing in the forest/clearing that the action took place in in the second story.

Panel 2. The small tracks of Gaila’s feet slightly covered by snow. Some of these tracks have been walked in by Virgil’s larger feet.

Panel 3. The large tracks of the animal slightly obscured by snow.

Panel 4. A big pool of frozen blood at the convergence of the tracks.

Panel 5. Two sets of prints (Gaila and Virgil’s). Virgil is dragging himself. There are some small pools of blood that you can see alongside the track.

Page 4.

Panel 1. The cave from story two. Amal is looking at the burnt remains of the fire that burned there very recently, it has only been a day or two since the two have left. It is still daylight, but coming to dusk.

Panel 2. Where the fire was. There is only a small burn spot there now, and some remains from burnt branches. There are small scuff marks in the dirt from Virgil and Gaila.

Panel 3. Amal sitting in front of a fire roasting a small animal in the cave.

Panel 4. Virgil sitting next to Amal in front of the fire.

Panel 5. Amal looking over at Virgil.

Amal: Why are you here?

Page 5.

Panel 1. Virgil and Amal. Amal is looking curiously, while Virgil is quite serious.

Virgil (translated): I don’t speak...

Amal: I speak your language.  

Virgil: How --

Amal: It doesn’t matter.

Panel 2. Virgil.

Virgil: Leave the girl. Whatever the reason, leave her be.

Panel 3. Amal.

Amal: Your type are against killing, yes?

Panel 4. Virgil nodding.

Panel 5. Amal.

Amal: She killed a man that was doing his job. An innocent man.

Page 6.

Panel 1. Virgil, thoughtful.

Panel 2. Amal.

Amal: I am going to bring her back to her people. They will most likely kill her, as well as the unborn.  

Panel 3. Virgil.

Virgil: Her baby --

Panel 4. Amal, a slight disgust on her face.

Amal: Her baby is none of your concern.

Panel 5. Virgil.

Virgil: You know my people?

Panel 6. Amal nodding.

Page 7.

Panel 1. Virgil, quiet and spiritual.

Virgil: Her child is part of my Path.

Panel 2. Amal. Face down, but she is contemplating murder.

Amal: I must kill you then. You are inured, it will be easy.

Panel 3. Virgil.

Virgil: My destiny awaits.

Panel 4. Amal.

Amal: Tonight, share my meal. Tell me a story. I love your people’s stories.

Panel 5. Virgil, looking resigned, with sadness in his face.

Page 8.

Panel 1. Virgil. His hands wide open, his eyes looking up to the sky.

Virgil: Our people were once attacked by another tribe in these very hills.

Panel 2. The story, so a different type of panel border, or something to show difference. Show a defiant man, possibly a modern soldier (Bo Bah) under attack by many. This man can be any way that you wish to portray him, but not in any way a cyborg as Virgil’s people don’t believe in modifying their bodies.

Virgi (OP): The great warrior shaman Bo Bah protected us, men crashed against him like waves against the shore. Bo Bah was everywhere at once and our enemies fell like dry timber under his knife and axe.

Panel 3. Bo Bah fighting even though he is injured beyond what any normal man could sustain.

Virgil (OP): Bo Bah would fight every day and would be injured beyond what any normal man could endure. Bo Bah’s magic was the greatest. So strong was Bo Bah that after weeks of fighting and dying the tribes agreed on peace.

Panel 4. Multiple assassins holding down Bo Bah as one stabs him in the heart.

Virgil (OP): But in the night the others sent assassins to kill Bo Bah as he slept.   

Page 9.

Panel 1. A hand holding a heart dripping with blood. A heart that still beats.

Virgil (OP): They tore his heart beating from his chest.

SFX: Bump bump bump

Panel 2. A man dropping the Bo Bah’s heart from a cliff into a lake.

Virgil (OP): They dropped Bo Bah’s heart into the deepest lake.

Panel 3. Bo Bah’s heart at the bottom of the lake.

Virgil (OP): The tribe invaded and killed our people, only a few escaped.

Virgil (OP): But deep within the lake, Bo Bah’s heart still beats waiting to avenge our people.

Page 10.

Panel 1. Virgil. The story is over.

Virgil: I can take you to that lake. You can still hear the beat of Bo Bah’s heart.

Panel 2. Amal

Amal: I have never heard that story before.

Panel 3. Virgil. Looking menacing.

Virgil: I honor the earth and its creatures. I will protect her.

Panel 4. Virgil and Amal eating.

Caption: End Part 4.

Caption: The Hunt Begins.

Caption: By ??????? and Martin John

Story 5: LoveQuest?

Page 1.

Panel 1. Virgil, a close up of his face as seen from the side. There is blood running down his nose and cheek (from a shallow cut) and Virgil  is obviously unconscious. He has fallen into the snow which is heaped up against his cheeks.

Panel 2. Standing over Virgil is Amal, triumphant tired and beaten. Behind Amal, in the distance is a small cabin with the dogs from the Gaila’s dogsled, the dogsled. There is smoke coming from the small cabin’s chimney.

Page 2.

Panel 1. Gaila sitting on a bed as an old man watches over his wood stove hoping that the kettle on top of it boils. Gaila’s pack is next to her by the bed. There is a gun on the inside of the pack, at the opening, and the pack stands open, at least at the top.

Old Man: There was a time when my ol’ Marjorie came down pregnant with our fifth --

Panel 2. Amal kicking open the front door with a gun drawn.

Panel 3. The old man standing, looking sheepish, almost comical. He is totally caught with his guard down. Gaila is looking surprised.

Panel 4. Amal looking fierce.

Amal: Leave old man.

Page 3.

Panel 1. The old man standing looking at the kettle, befuddled.

Old Man (sheepishly): My tea.

Panel 2. Amal looking really fierce.

Amal: Now!

Panel 3. Amal looking at Gaila as the old man leaves out the open front door, shrugging on a skin jacket.

Amal: You know what has to happen Gaila.

Panel 4. Amal.

Amal: You’ll die today.

Panel 5. Amal.

Amal: I’m going to bone you for your marrow and bleed you.

Page 4.

Panel 1. Gaila and Amal. Gaila is on the edge of insanity.

Amal: And the same with your baby.

Panel 2. Gaila lunging to her pack.

Panel 3. Gaila fumbling with her gun.

Panel 4. Amal looking at Gaila with a smile on her face.

Amal: And what are you doing with that?

Page 5.

Panel 1. Amal face to face with Gaila. Amal has Gaila’s hand, the hand that is holding the gun in her left hand. The gun is pointing towards the roof. Amal has a grimace on her face. Gaila looks terrified, she is sweating and her hair is stuck to her forehead, but somehow in she is holding onto to her shit and fighting as best she can.

Panel 2. Amal closeup. Her eyes have softened slightly, but she has a psychotic look on her face, she is going to enjoy filleting Gaila.   

Amal: We need the seed back.

Panel 3. Amal’s hand squeezing the gun out of Gaila’s hand.

Panel 4. A shot of the room, pulling the camera out and away from Amal and Gaila. The gun clattering on the ground and spinning away towards the stove (if you are comfortable showing movement in a panel, otherwise just show the gun resting at the base of the stove, or somewhere thereabouts). There is a large head of steam coming off of the kettle on the stove.

Page 6.