Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just so that you know...comic book writing is for the goats...goats?

Anywho, my name is Martin John and all I really want to do at this moment is get an artist attached to the script that I a have written. I don't think it's really a horrible script, it has intrigue and character moments and all of that. I've let people sample it, had it doctored by a lot of people, was told that it was enjoyable, but the elusive artist runs away from the sight of my comic-making gun.

Let me introduce myself and my geekery. I am a thirty year old man and I have an insane addiction to graphic media. I love comic books, always have and always will, unashamedly at that, but the unashamedly part took a long time to get to. Why?

Well, once upon a time comics were for the little boy in the corner store flipping through the comic stand (at least I thought so at the time). John Byrne was writing Fantastic Four, Frank Miller was cranking out Wolverine with Chris Claremont, and a whole bunch of other comic goodies were in the mix. The Dark Knight cover would haunt me at the Flea Market, but the price attached would always be too much.

Anywho, I digress. My parents divorced in the 90s, the era of polybags and chromium covers, and my dad was absent a lot. But he always remembered that my bro and I loved comics and would bring us huge bags full of Image, Valiant and the big two whenever he saw us. He would also bring us bags and boards for them and my brother would seal them tight and lock them away. My comics were read over and over and over, until I couldn't let my brothers just sit and be shiny and new. I would tear them open when he went out and read Savage Dragon, Spider-Man by Eric Larsen and Todd McFarlane, the Death of Superman, all of the good ones that he wouldn't let me read. I collected X-Men by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont, and when it came out, Spawn.

And it just got worse...

But that is something I will talk about later.

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