Monday, December 14, 2009

More Comics You Must Read

Safe Area : Gorazde - Joe Sacco's report of Eastern Bosnia. This is journalism at its finest. Joe Sacco goes somewhere dangerous, and gives us a detailed report about what life is like in a war zone. The people are real, their stories are real, and the comics give you an idea of what the environment might be like for those that live there. Truly beautiful.

The Living and the Dead - Jason. I ran across this book at the library and was so much happier for having read it. Zombies and romance with a wonderful ending. Give it to anyone who doesn't read well and likes zombies - or to that special person that just might get why you would give them a book about zombies for valentines.

Barry Ween - Judd Winick makes you laugh your ass off with a fucked up take on Calvin without the Hobbes. Read it if that sentence appeals to you.

The Coffin - Phil Hester and Mike Huddleston bring you to one fucked up place wherein you must confront existentialist goodness and some fuckin good writing and artwork. Creepy as well.

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