Monday, December 14, 2009

Two peoples want to be my artist - will they like the script?

Within the past day or so, I have had a couple of guys become interested in my idea. I emailed one, even though I wasn't especially into his artwork, and said and I quote "Great storytelling skills. I would love to work with you".

Truth is at this point I just want something to happen. I want some art produced and some pages to throw at publishers. Is that so wrong of me? It's been about eight months of some interest, no interest, might want to work with you, don't want to work with you. Not that that is a long time, just after a little rejection you tend to take a step back and go "Is this worth it?" or "Do people get me?"

But this new guy that got a hold of me is actually an artist. A good one at that. He knows anatomy, has some storytelling guts.

Here's hoping.

Love to my baby for our one year anniversary of her professing her love to me.

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