Sunday, December 13, 2009

Comics that you must read from the past decade

Walking Dead -
Robert Kirkman decides that zombies and a life in a world of zombies would be a good thing for him to write about forever. Tony Moore starts the world and Charlie Adlard takes over for him later. A true, telling story about the human condition and what may happen if our society has a mental breakdown and decides that shit is stupid.
The Authority (1999), but whatever
Warren Ellis followed by Mark Millar, this comic redefines the parameters of what a superhero comic can be. Sex, violence, politics, and a widescreen approach redefines what comics is all about. And the Authority kill God...who is a fuckin' alien entity. AWESOME! Frank Quitely and Bryan Hitch deliver like some massively talented mother fuckers, their art is the BOMB!!!
Top Ten
Alan Moore redefines what a superhero is and starts calling them science heroes and dumps them in a city where all the freaks had to go after ww2. Than he creates CSI. Gene Ha and Cannon Zander fill out the artwork with Easter Eggs around every corner. The story continues in SMAX, The 49ers, and Season 2.
Fear Agent
Pax Romana
My new favorite writer, Jonathan Hickman creates a past and new future where the Vatican sends an army back to change the world. All the characters just bicker and kill each other.
Warren Ellis writes some seriously fucked up comics and this is his opus magnum for a superhero comic. Jakita Wagner, the Drummer, and Elijah Snow are Archeologist of the Unknown. They go around fucking with every pulp novel and superhero story you have known, making them better for it. John Cassady is a fuckin' phenomenon on art. Seriously the detail on this comic makes you want to eat the pages, puke them up and eat them again.
Scott Pilgrim
Bryan Lee O'Malley writes about a hipster douchebag in love with a girl with lots of ex-boyfriends. Thing is that Scott Pilgrim has to fight them all before he can win her love. Comics, video games, anime, manga, and indie music combine into one awesome story set in toronto. Look for the movie.
And fuck there is so much more...but that will come later.

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