Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alan Moore, Again

So, I have fallen asleep while reading Alan Moore's book on comic writing. What does that say about me? Obviously that I don't think as densely as Mr. Moore does, but whatever, I'm not taking it too much to heart.

Alan did have some interesting things to say about story structure though, and after reading Peter's book on the subject I am kinda getting it. Alan's ideas in this book seem to rely heavily on thinking outside of the box in the comics genre, something that you don't see that often in the mainstream big 3 comics (although Grant M. seems to get away with an awful lot on non-linear thinking, or he disguises his linear thinking well). Alan goes on the say that telling two different parts of the story at once (i.e. the middle and the beginning), or any other approach is often more interesting for people as readers, as they have to think about it more.

This, after telling us that comics should engage us in an emotional way (which I think I discussed earlier). If the idea, the story, the characters and the plot are good and woven together well with amazing dialogue, great art, etc. you will have a great comic (note slight sarcasm, as Alan has some bitterness about the subject).

So why are there so few great comics out there? Why are so few people hitting this genre out of the ballpark? I think perhaps, with genre writers, there is more money to be made in television and movies.
Am I wrong, am I right?

I don't quite know, but I'll find out sooner or later.

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