Sunday, January 10, 2010

Links - Some writing...others...aren't.

1. A swack of different resources...some of the links don't really work though...comicjobz being one of them.

Digital vs. Print...hmm.

On comic contracts...something you might wanna know about, if you're going to blast one out.

2.J Dupuy has a billion awesome links hooked up...check it out.

3. Joe Edkin seems to know a little about's nice to have the writing basics gone over once again...and start from the ground what basic story structures are, etc.

4. Wikihow has some pages...and they kinda suck...but are still okay to glance over. Don't forget to write until your story is told mother fuckers!!!

5. Learn how to create a comic book empire. This is a pretty vacant video...and I haven't really even listened to all of it, but there might be something interesting in here. well researched.

6. The Canadian Government has made a resource list...why didn't I get paid to do this job...and yes, I am Canadian. Gotta love the tax dollars at work.

7. Last, but not least...create your own Marvel comic.

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