Monday, January 25, 2010

Longevity in staying on a title for a long time good??

So...the Byrne just got stale after awhile. And after watching some of the crew at Ifanboy talk about Ultimate Spider-Man and how it is the most consistent they have ever had the chance to read (I like Starman, Fables and 100 Bullets better, although getting used to the difference in art took 15 years), I have to ask the question, how long should a comic stay alive, or maintain an team? As long as it is good I guess, and that really varies from time to time.

I mention 100 Bullets because from start to finish it is one coherent and intricate storyline. Starman...not so much...but I just love that title. I look at a title like the Walking Dead, or even The Savage Dragon and I have to wonder...should these books have a stop point? I like Dragon, but there are times I wonder why? It is kinda cartoony, and it has been a long time since it made me feel anything special, but I stick with it...because. And Walking Dead...if the main character ever dies...Rick, I will be off of that title so quickly. As long as you make me feel involved and make me feel like I have some stake in the characters...I will be there.

So make me feel comic writers, and I will try and do the same for you.

Once again with the Peter David...he wrote that he cried as he killed off some characters and thought that might be a good way to tell that you are inflicting some sort of emotion on your readers...I believe this to be true. The first character I ever killed made me feel like a complete douchebag...and this kinda continues.

Just some thoughts...

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