Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strunk and White...oh the love and hate.

When I was younger...twelve years younger...I had this feeling that if I paid too much attention to the grammar in my writing I would explode. Twelve years later I realize that this has been a good and a bad thing.

In the fifth grade I was in a special English and Math class run by one of those teachers that, if she liked you, played favorites. She happened to like me, I was okay at basketball and she was also the basketball coach, and I got to be in the special classes. This was a boon for me, as I have always been grateful for such a strict English education at a young age. She would grill us on parts of speech and grammatical structure that I don't even remember (quite obvious sometimes), and I think that I may just run on auto-pilot with grammar sometimes.

This doesn't always work in my favor though. I get confused about the th-en-an's sometimes, and about certain elementary rules of usage, but overall I feel confidant in writing my thoughts. Yes, the fact that I don't recall what a participial phrase is sometimes makes me feel like a retard and that I shouldn't be writing, but I feel compelled to.

This, I'm sure, will cause certain members of what I may think of as my readership to scoff (if I have a readership), but I have taken to learning certain things this year (re-learning I guess) that I have forgotten in the nine years that I have been a hairdresser (where you sometimes get made fun of for reading, or liking some education).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, life always does this to me, takes the things that I was most adverse to at some point in my life and says that I have to confront them head on in order to actually succeed in what I want. Or life is just ironic.

Thanks Strunk and White, you made a real good book (I still love writing and talking badly).

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