Sunday, January 10, 2010

Writing Program Just for Comic Peoples...and some other folks

So, on the suggestion I download a program to help with writing (one that will do the formatting for me) I downloaded Celtx. It looks like an interesting program, it's free, and it will speed me up and take out the task part of the task.

That's the link for those of you whom are interested. There are some people at Penciljack who are pushing it. It helps you keep a track of your characters, you can put pictures into the script, smash notes everywhere, etc.

A couple of months back I tried a couple of programs like this for scripting movies, but my computer crashed and I never took the time to re-download them. If this works I won't have to write Vitus: anymore and can just keep writing whatever is in my head, although I might just like doing the formatting myself. Maybe I'll keep the program for when I'm writing twelve comics at the same time.

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