Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eisner/Miller - Interviewed

I picked up a book yesterday Eisner/Miller from Dark Horse books and I've gotta say that it is an amazing informative look at comics through two completely separate pairs of eyes. Eisner is an aging ingenue and Miller is an aging rebel, they are from two separate eras in comics and to hear them talk is fascinating, especially on the technical side of things.

As a writer it is interesting seeing two writer/artists with a complete vision of their art and what their ideas are along with it. Eisner seems to think his ideas out way ahead of hand and present them in a way I had never thought of...theatrically, or in the way of theater. No huge camera angle changes, no panning here or there. Just people in a room relating. Miller is more fly by the seat of his pants, crank it out and let it lay, cinematic widescreen style. I didn't think of it before, but he might have been the one to start applying widescreen formatting to comic books.

At the very least these two completely different points of view on the same topic are endlessly engaging. I encourage anyone passionate about the medium to check it out.

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