Friday, February 5, 2010

The Spirit

So I was just watching The Spirit and I have to say "Fuck Frank...that sucked some serious". I don't understand so many of the choices, even in the framing of the shots. Don't get me wrong, there are some beautiful shots, some interesting choices for framing, but goddamn does the movie suck.

First and foremost, this is The Spirit and not Sin City man. As far as I know the source material actually had some color other then red in it, and it was pulp fiction, but not the type of pulp that Miller is associated with. It had bullets and babes, but innocence. I think he took too much of a hard edge here in parts and hammed it up too much in others.

When I looked up The Spirit in Google images I found that half of them were Miller's stupid poster, one quarter were Darwyn Cooke`s stuff, and the rest was Eisner. It should be three quarters Eisner and one quarter Cooke, and one lone image of Miller`s on the last page. I wish I could begin to explain why this movie is so damn bad.

Script is the number one issue, vision is the number two issue, and the inability of a novice director to realize a good performance when he sees one is another.

Ach! How does this stuff get made? Seriously?

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