Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Totally unrelated

So I quit my job today...walked out after an argument with the boss. I feel justified though, because I handled it like an adult, she handled it like a three year old. It's funny how some people think yelling at you will ingratiate you to them. I don't stand for that bullshit anymore, I just leave.

I'm scared, rightfully so. Any unemployed man at the age of thirty should be, but I've been in this space already this past year and I will always say that I have integrity, no matter what. I need respect in a workplace...like the word please attached to a sentence. That would have been all it took, but instead I my boss chose the words "I'm your boss, I can say whatever I want to you", and "You can't confront me like this", and "Well if you don't like it, you can pack up your stuff and leave", which I did.

Now I will be able to write wonderful scenes about quitting. What a blessing! Seriously. I could belt out a screenplay for Office Space 2 in the next day or two.

Oh well, start up the job search. The resumes are printed and are being sent out.

Word homies,


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