Saturday, February 13, 2010

Writing When Tired

So writing when you are physically hard. Your muscles are sore, you feet hurt, and all you want to do is lie down and read a nice four color story about muscle bound freaks with powers to save the

Writing this is only an exercise in getting myself in front of a computer and getting something out of my head.

I just wrote a couple lovely pages of prose for my lovely fiancee, I hope she likes it, because I stayed home to write it for her for Valentine's day, while she went out when we were supposed to go together. I love her and I want her to know it. Yes, Valentine's day is cliche, but it is also a great opportunity to express great love in ways that you don't get to day-to-day. To go that extra step and make something, or plan something, or do something a little different.

And yes, that should apply to everyday, and it does...but odds are on a day when I was tired from work and I had a party to go to that might have been fun or a profession of undying love I would have went with the party because I could do the undying love thing tomorrow.

But I did the undying love thing today and had a great time doing it and expressing it because it was Valentine's day.

So thanks Valentines for letting me express my love to my lover girl.

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  1. Baby!!!! Omg, I just read this...and you know I loved the card, and that I love you, and I too celebrate our love each and every day, but also appreciate an opportunity to do a little something special. The fact that you stayed home to make a gift for me while I went out and got smashed is sweet beyond words. I adore and appreciate you so much babe. Love always!!! XOXXOXXOXXXOXOXOXO