Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Barrage of Things

So I am surrounded by about a million different books on all aspects of the comic industry. The business side, colouring, lettering, and whatever else I can lay my sweaty hands on. All in all there is a lot more going on in a single issue of comic book goodness then I dare say. This is not only an endeavor, it is a huge task.

There has been so much that has happened in my writing world as of late. I've started some other projects that are all progressing rather slowly and my ideas around the Foreign Matter are changing in front of my eyes.

I have changed the idea that my comic will see print first, as it will be self-published on the world wide web and then taken into print afterward.

I am going to see whether I can self finance it by paying for the first issue out of my pocket, pimping it online, and asking for donations from those that read it.

This makes things a lot more interesting. It means I have to have an entire issue finished, and that means penciled, inked, coloured and lettered. The penciling and inking I have covered with German, the colouring most likely his friend, and the lettering...me? I am not sure if this is what will happen, as lettering is an art form in and of itself, but many a poor indie comic writer has had to rely on himself in order to finish the work within a set budget.

Now usually this is done in Adobe Illustrator, but that costs a bundle, so Inkscape, an open source vector program that mimics Adobe's program it is. And it seems as though the program will crank it out.

I have to admit that there are a lot of awesome programs that you can get on line for free. Celtx for script writing, Paint.net for any photoshopping that you want to do, Scribus for desktop publishing, Open Office for any Microsoft Office problems that you may have...they all have free versions that are almost as good as, if not as good as, the real thing.

Anyways. That leaves me as the last line of quality control. I have the ultimate freedom as far as content goes, which is great in some aspects, but potentially dooming in others. But I believe in me and my work just gets better as I go along. Anyone I've shown the script to says it has some promise.

Which brings me to Warren Ellis. Yup, that one. Was on his webpage the other day and I have to say he smacked some of the dreamer out of me for awhile. The online conversation started innocently enough, me asking for some advice on what people wanted to see from a comic on the stands, and went from there. To sum up shortly I said something innocently like "See you on the newstands", and got a reply back that said "I don't think so". And this from someone that I admire. Fuck, took me a while to get my nerves collected after that. There was some discourse later, that led to me changing my ideas about print to web, but the whole thing kinda took me on a roller coaster of emotional distress for a couple of hours. Anyways I have to keep a promise that I made with Mr. Ellis, that at some point when I publish this comic I will smack a copy on his desk. Actually, it would be great to hand it to him in person...I might just to that. And if anyone who knows me knows how stubborn I am when it comes to certain things, I will do this no matter what hurdles I have to leap.

Anyways, see you on the newstands, after the web that is.

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