Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comics Renaissance Man

Why is it that I have to revisit something that I was not that great at in the first place? I'm designing logos, trying to design a webpage that does not suck, I may attempt to letter my web comic, all while fitting into the little box known as writer.

How did this happen? At least I have some rudimentary ideas about photoshop and illustrator and a couple of ideas on top of that. At least there are tutorials on youtube that will teach me a couple of tricks that i can use on text. And at least there are books for those suckers out there like me that think they can break into the industry.

Thanks DC comics for all the guides that you have around the industry (digital drawing, inking, colouring and lettering). Thanks Comiccraft for your weird little pamphlet that looks like it was dipped in lettering and tried to escape, and thanks Impact books for all the wonderfully put together guides of just about everything. Will Eisner, thanks for putting together some wonderful insider guides.

And Digital Webbing and Penciljack. Thanks to the guys there for giving a little bit of feedback, smashing through my scripts when they sucked a lot more then they do now.

And thank you coffee. For being so awesome.

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