Thursday, April 8, 2010

Johnny Hickman, Dale Eaglesham, Paul Mounts

Fantastic. I kinda swore off of getting too many comics. I got the hardcover of Fantastic Four. Why? It has amazing character work. Sue Richards is a mother, a scientist, and a strong, strong woman. Mr. Fantastic is a family man, but not a wuss. Johnny is a wild card, but not stupid. And Ben is Ben, not that hard to get wrong. And the kids have personality as well! And they explore the edges of the Marvel Universe.

Dale Eaglesham is producing some of the best work of his career, it makes his JSA work look silly. The characters look Fantastic, like explorers, like people that have made the amazing their career. His environments are the most amazing backgrounds and imagination I have seen on page in a long, long time. Dale takes us somewhere else.

And Paul Mounts color work is seamless. He adds depth and dimension to the work, mixing a color palette that is definitely not too pastel, too flat, or anything of that breed. He reminds us that these are superheroes with bright colours, gorgeous effects, and just plain goodness.

Thanks guys for keeping me inspired.

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