Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ranted! on Digital Webbing

I felt a little crazed when I came on someone complaining that they indie creators weren't paying enough. My response:

As a writer who is paying both an artist and colorist to produce work when he is pretty damned broke himself I have to say it is a little unfair to the writer to have to produce the cash to support a project.

Yes, I have a story I want to see published and I will do whatever I have to to do that. No, I don't draw that well. Could I produce a comic? Yes, with photo work, a desktop publishing program and a couple of others things I think I could do something similar to Jinx, or the Nightly News, or one of these projects that to someone are avant-garde, and are wholly story based.

But I want to do superhero comics with someone. I don't want to do an art piece that someone will tack up on their wall, I want to fantasist art that someone will sit down and read and enjoy.

So when I hear of an artist who is trying to break into the business whine and complain about not getting a good page rate for something I don't fucking cry.

I have worked on my idea for over a year. I will probably have to put in several more years to complete the twelve issues so don't cry to me about how much time you have put in. Because I am an editor, a copywriter, a logo designer, a sometimes letterer and all I want to do is write.

And who is paying me?? No one. No one is paying me jack. I am spending thousands of dollars.

Is this a rant.

Yes. Because I think it is somewhat unfair how this works. Writer pays, artists take (with a percentage of the rights) on something that is often my idea.

But I want to produce. I love this industry and I want to be a part of it. And if I can't go out and buy that television that I may want, or whatever else I will sacrifice it in order to do that.

What I am trying to say is that some artists may want to actually try and collaborate with a writer (split the rights) and put your talent on the line for how much money you will make off of your work.

Nuff said.

and then:

Oh, I'm paying and am happy to see some of my words realized in picture. It just seems too often that there are artists that don't realize that we put in work too. Research takes times, editing takes time, etc. I know that art is integral, and I bow to those that do it well.

Just, at times, it annoys me that the artist eats all the cake that I bake. I just want you artists out there to realize that I am an artist too, and in being one, that I am not making any money off of my art at all. So cut indie writers, publishers, etc. some slack when we don't come running with wheelbarrows full of money and get a day job like I have until Dark Horse, IDW, Marvel, DC, or Image come knocking.

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