Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Issue 2

So, as issue one starts to wrap up...issue two starts to ramp up. Not a lot of people have seen the script for two, so this should be interesting, I don`t think that my artist has much in idea of what this is all going to be about (although I sent him the synopsis), so it should be a great deal of fun to send him the later scripts that I am developing. I think that I might be getting better. Lettering everything myself has added an interesting perspective to the whole thing and I am tending to be a heck of a lot less dialogue-y (although I was pretty un-dialogue-y already...but my brother added a lot in way of character and dialogue when he added and edited the first draft). But I still think that my exposition may be a bit much...but that is all just getting a style and feel for how things pan out in the art. I should have worked out most of the kinks by the time I finish this project (not that this story will suffer for it, but you have to get better, or else you perish).


Thanks for listening.

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