Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comics Diversity

Watch this. I think it makes a good point. Tell people about good comics that you like. I posted this on Whitechapel, where they are having a little discussion about the ideas involved,

"Taking the time to say something, and to make you think about your purchases a little is not a bad thing. I love the superhero genre and I like the ideas involved in them at times. And I love them for the fact that I use them to have five minutes in a another world. Hench, Common Grounds, and Astro City are superhero indies that I love, and would proudly support other then the big two. But I needed other people to point me to them, otherwise it was just easier to go into my shop and get Fantastic Four, or Thor, or whatever else. I think the same can be said about other comics I've read Blankets, X'ed Out, Bone, Orc Stain, whatever. If there weren't people out there ranting about them, I would have never heard about them, and I would be poorer for it.

So if you know of a comic that you think a lot of people haven't heard of...let's hear it. And my love for superhero comics will never diminish. I like the genre, that is why I am passionate enough to make one myself."

Any thoughts??

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