Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year - A Year of Change

So, I get married this year, might move, get published, and all sorts of other interesting activities. I have come to the conclusion that I should just stop trying to plan any and all of my life and let the river just take me downstream and follow along. Basically, whenever my life seems to have come to a comfortable point wherein I can have a little breather, everything shifts, and my comfort has to be adjusted a little. One positive, it keeps my guessing.

I found an interesting website yesterday, one that allows me to sell my comic on a print to order basis, meaning that if I sell it for an incredibly high price of 4.50 a pop, I might make a dollar off of it, and I'm not sure if that includes taxes and shipping. I am not too sure if anyone would want to buy an indy comic for that price point, but if they are willing it might be something to think about. Feedback I get says that people would like a hard copy, and providing them with one would probably be a service to the fans, and might provide some hard currency for German and I.

Thing is, trying to be business like has not worked for me yet. I think giving away our product is a good thing for recognition and once it has been given away people create an attachment to the product and think about buying it in trade form. And having seen the future installments of the comic, I think that a lot of people will want Foreign Matter in a trade. Hopefully we make it. Ten pages done on the third issue!!!

That's further then some people get.


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