Monday, January 31, 2011

Poison Elves - A Good Indie

Skottie Young had a good point when he said we should write about the books that we love in his great blog post about promoting the books we love.

I thought a little bit about this and the first book that popped to mind in my fucked-up-my-fuckin-legs-hurt-from-working-too-much state of mind was Poison Elves. Poison Elves was an amazing little indie fantasy book by Drew Hayes. Originally called I Lusiphur, it was a mix of rough and rugged western films by Leone mixed with Rebel without a Cause and more than a sprinkling of the Icewind Dale Trilogy, and a pinch of Silence of the Lambs. This book was a breath of fresh air when I brought home the fist GN, and quickly fell in love.

The lead character Lusiphur (or Luce) was a goddamn bastard with a bastard sword (actually I think it was just a regular one, and a knife, but I was being punny), and you had to love him. The world was as dirty as the ink-stained pics, but entrancing and ever-expanding. It was a world of crazed head faeries, magicians with only a passing resemblance to David Bowie, and lots of girls with big boobs and long legs. The book also had the most absurd sense of humor, with character like the Purple Marauder (a masochist of sorts in a purple thong, holding a rapier) that reminds me of Garth Ennis, but might have pre-dated him.

Like I said before I loved this book. I refer to a lot of this in the past tense because Drew Hayes passed away years ago, leaving the project unfinished, a reason why I would believe that many people would have never heard of this.

I suggest you find a couple copies of this and pick them up.

Any suggestions from you of what I should pick up????


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