Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rinse My Brain and Amp Myself Up

So those of you interested in Foreign Matter, I'm going to update you on what is making my life groovy. Issue 8 is an action issue. I can't go into details, but it is one of the craziest action issues I have ever seen or heard of. An entire issue of the most insane things that my insane brain could come up with between two covers.

This issue is will contribute to the reason why Indie comics are the best. Sometimes we have poor grammar and typos, but we have nothing holding back our brains from doing something that you wouldn't see between the pages of a mainstream book.

Look at creators like Mark Millar and Brian Bendis. Their titles for Marvel are hit and miss at times, but they bring something special to the titles they create for the Icon imprint. Sure Icon may not be "indie" like Foreign Matter is indie, but you get the general idea. There is a raw edge that is negated by the fact that Spider-Man cannot rip someone's head off.

Don't get me wrong, I think writing within rules takes huge talent, and that talent is shown in spades by the pros. But for tackling issues of politics, writing scenes that push the boundaries of good taste, for taking the ball and running with it, indie wins. We win hands down. Now foraging through the masses of crap to find the jewel in the forest is something that indie is suffering from. There are so many comics out there that are okay, half-assed, and stuck together out of passion. I can't dig on these guys because passion is everything to me, but to the average reader, passion just ain't worth three or four bucks.

So wading through the crap. What do you do? Indie out your fellow man. Creators in general, help out your fellow man. Tweet, Facecrack about them. Do what you have to do to make the cream rise to the top.

I have worked with some pretty amazing creators that no one knows about. Jorge Correa Jr. and Sean Harrington could be working as pros, but no one knows them. Hell, German Ponce, my main man, deserves to be working with someone famous, because he is amazing, has an amazing work ethic and just wants it. I pray everyday that someone finds him and cherry picks him from working on my title, because he is that good.

So, what few readers are out there and listening, help me in my quest. Find an indie comic that you like and tell people about it. We are here, we are awesome, and we are the hardest working people in the fucking art world (can be disputed).


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