Friday, February 11, 2011

Bryan Talbot is one mad bastard!

Now I don't know about his one for sure, but from reading his works lately I'm pretty sure that Bryan Talbot is a crazy mother fucker. A genius, but crazy and an egomaniac. The amount of work per panel that Bryan slams into his work would put an entire fleet of artists to shame (Extreme studios during the early 90s?).

Anyways I've read one of his works Alice in Sunderland most recently, and it is a crazed comic journey about said Sunderland, and completely non-fictional (for the most part).This book was obviously a labor of love, is hundreds of pages long and is an engaging read, as it bounces off of Lewis Carroll and those that surrounded him. The narrative structure is winding, but original and thought-provoking. This book made me love my history lesson just a little bit more.

Grandville is another book Mister Talbot has done that I have read recently, an anthropomorphic murder/mystery taking place in a strange steampunk Paris, that is an island. Bryan is one of those fellows who is infinitely better read than me, so I'm sure for those that get literary and historical jokes there are many in this book. But pit a badger man against a conspiracy against the French, pitting them against the English, this book has a tale of two cities vibe. There has been more then one Grandville book, the last most recently making fun of Dave Sim of Cerebrus fame (who gets a lot of flack from a lot of people for being crazy good).

The Tale of One Bad Rat
I haven't read for a really long time, but this is the usual entrance into Bryan-land, and is a good one at that. A touching, beautiful story I would give this to everyone to read, regardless of whether they like comics or not.

And the tale I am reading right this moment Heart of Empire which is three separate tales brought into one book. In a future where England rules most of the world, the Queen is a mad sorcerer, the Pope is old and crazy, and the whole thing is blasphemous and so well drawn that your eyes will pop out of your head. Seriously.

Once again I cannot give mad enough props to Mr. Talbot. He paints, draws, writes, researches like a mad fiend, and his works are stunning. Read them and enjoy.

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