Monday, February 7, 2011

Comic Movie Excitement - Let's sell comics

Super Bowl Sunday and all I really cared about was fucking Captain America shown for about twenty seconds. Red Skull got trending on twitter for about twenty seconds. It was a good day to be a fucking geek. And then came Transformers, and then came Thor. With this type of stuff you have comic people jizzing and shitting in their pants at the same time. Seriously, you should have seen the reactions on twitter. Most of the creators on the were going nuts. I went nuts, my brain was soft with my reaction.

Why? I am a grown ass man. I should have grown out of this reaction many many moons ago, but, nope, here I am having the same reaction as a five year old and not being at all ashamed about it. These movies look exciting. The amount of drama that you pack into a superhero movie (if done well) is astounding. Rescue this, rescue that. Oh no here come the evil people, aren't they evil. They are so very black and white when it comes to things.

Am I black and white in how I look at life? At times, I think so. I don't like to cheat, I don't like to lie, I like to find a partner and stick with them, and my life has similar rules to this in many matters. Hmmm. Maybe I need to talk to someone?

Anywho. WE as geeks have Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, a Wonder Woman television show, Misfits, Iron Man 3, Avengers, Superman, Spider-Man reboot, X-Men reboot, Wolverine in Japan, the Walking Dead, Judge Dredd and a bevy of other comic-y things to watch in the coming year, and the next one after that. I am happy about this, but I wonder what good it does for the industry?

Do people read more comics because of movies. Maybe, I'm not God so I don't know, but I fucking hope so. One of the things I hear a lot of, is that January was a shit month for the graphic content, and that despite DC and Marvel making things cheaper the industry is still suffering. Fuck, why do people panic? First off, everyone blew their fucking stack in December, especially comic people. We cannot say no to a sale, and you have Black Friday, Christmas specials, boxing day and on and on. OF course January is a shitty month. It is a shitty month for a lot of industries.

So don't worry about that statistic. Having big screen heroes cannot help but drive kids to want to pick things up. But where are they? In specialty shops. Who goes into specialty shops. NO FUCKING ONE, except fucking geeks. Right? Right. Who should we blame for shitty comic sales. The direct fucking market. Yup. A couple guys are getting rich, but the market that they are tapping is failing. That's right. Diamond distribution will tank the industry. I know that these guys are doing their best, but their best is containing an industry that should be exploding. We have the powers of Hollywood, we have the interest in people. Get the books in book stores, on the shelves of every fucking magazine rack known to man, and get a variety of them into the stores, to show people what the industry is made of. Then get them a book that is black and white and FUCKING CHEAP, and about one hundred and fifty pages long and market the shit out of it. And watch our industry explode.

So I'm looking forward to some movies, and I really hope that someone takes a stand for giving the public some comics.

Ramblingly yours,


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