Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Comic That Will Save The Industry

I know how to appeal to the masses, to the kids, to the women of the world, and to everyone in North America - and I know how to do it with comics. I can't say the idea is mine, it belongs to Erik Larsen, and I believe in it completely.

I've already written about this in other posts, but I believe that this idea can help the industry. DIGEST-sized comics. Large, black and white, monthly comics for people with original content will save the world. Original. Nope. Shonen has been doing it for a long, long time. Some for comics geared towards boys, some girls, some alternative, some superhero. You can have a blend of all of them.

I would buy one monthly for about ten to fifteen dollars a month if I got some original content, some amazing art, and with some interesting names attached. Ten pages a month for 20 people can't be that hard to do.

Collect them afterward and you are good to go with GNs and all the rest.

The second part of this. Distribute it everywhere. Bookstores, corner stores, and whomever will have it.

The third part. Promote it. Get a cartoon, a movie, and whatever based on the properties and there you have it.

DONE. Comic industry saved. Keep it cheap, as cheap as possible.

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