Monday, February 21, 2011

Dark Horse Comics Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about some of the creators of DHC, the ones that have provided content again and again that is amazing. I admit it was very bullet point form, but I write this blog without editing in the morning before I go to work, so it is pretty rough stuff. Anywho, onto the comics.

Yesterday I didn't write about Dark Horse Presents. Bad me. This is a title that has been running for years, and has been a launching pad for many creators. Whom, you may ask? I don't fucking know. What I do know is that at some point every creator I talked about yesterday plus a million more were in the print version of this. At some point Dark Horse stopped printing and put DHP (as it is affectionately known) on the web, hence the link. The online version has short stories by Joss Whedon, the wonder twins of Gabriel Ba and FAbio Moon, Eric Powell, Steve Niles, Kyle Hotz, John Arcudi, Evan Dorkin, Joe Casey, Pop Mhan, Gerard Way, Eric Canete, Matt Kindt, and a lot more. The web comic, I think, is coming to a close, but DHP is coming back for more action in print.

That brings me to Star Wars comics. At one point I was a huge Star Wars fan. I read the novels and loved them. I knew the trilogy front and back and front again, and I read the comics, and the comics were good. I cannot stress enough how quality these comics were, the Dark Empire Trilogy by Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy was fucking amazing. Characterization that made sense and fit into the continuity with the books, amazing artwork that didn't ape the likeness of the characters, coloring that was unique in so many ways, these comics are kickass and hold up to scrutiny even after fifteen(?) years. I'll admit I haven't read any of the Star Wars comics that come out today, I have barely even seen an episode of the Clone Wars cartoon, but I highly doubt that the quality on these comics has faltered, because Dark Horse still holds the license, and I cannot imagine Lucas-world enduring too much slock (except for the first trilogy). If you can check out the earlier episodes of comics starring Boba Fett, and check out early versions of the Star Wars: Legacy line. I remember liking them a lot. They are probably all available in omnibus form as well. Oh, and the Droids collections, and Tag and Bink.

More Dark Horse tomorrow.


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