Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dark Horse Comics - Part 4

Today is contemporary day and I'm starting with Fear Agent. This poor bastard of a comic has one issue left because Rick has gone to play with Marvel and needs to shut it down, but has been a thoroughly enjoyable story about a drunken space-farer that has lost his family, and is attempting to exact revenge. There is a lot of heart in this book, and the protaganist Heath Huston has a big heart hidden within his chest. Think of HH as Shaft in Space, or a drunken cowboy making his way through the spaceways. This book started with Tony Moore on pencils, and alternated with Jerome Opena (why do you think Remender and Opena are on X-Force together?), Francesco Francavilla has done an issue, Eric Nguyen has done one, and Kieron Dwyer has a two-parter in the mix as well. Sure it started at Image, but Dark Horse scooped it up and ran with it. Be sure to check out Tales of the Fear Agent as well, short stories done by some of the industries finest creators.

Next up, The Goon. This book is fucked up. Seriously fucked up, but in being so it is great. Eric Powell is an amazing writer, fleshes his characters out with some pretty amazing character moments, and just has fun doing whatever it is that he is doing. Eric is also one incredible fucking artist, and his painted pictures are out of this world. Be sure to check out his Billy the Kid minseries with Kyle Hotz as well. They are pretty incredible.

Sock Monkey by Tony Millionaire is one of my favorite comics. His Maakies is pretty damned good too, and Billy Hazlenuts (both books) is a great read too. Millionaire is a fucking genius a penmanship, absurdity and drawing me into the characters silly little plights. He has also managed to make me cry like a babe. When I wrote to him to tell him how he had moved me he replied politely. Buy his books because I hear he is in a court battle due to a parody piece he did years ago.

Steve Niles has done a couple of titles for Dark Horse, be sure to check out: Criminal Macabre with VA, City of Others with Wrightson and Hotz, The Nail with Rob Zombie and Nat Jones, Freaks of the Heartland, and a whole shitload of other stuff. I've only ever read the Criminal stuff, but what I read I liked.

As far a licenses go, Buffy, Doctor Horrible, Conan and Kull are properties I haven't mentioned, but you probably know those. Check out Conan by Busiek and Nord, it was good storytelling. The Conan covers by Tony Harris were fun as well.

Grandville by Bryan Talbot I've mentioned before. Don't ask just buy this anthropomorphic tale of action, politics and intrigue. It is incredible.

Madman is the ginchiest comic on the stands, and available in some massive softcovers for you to grab and pour over. Allred's innocent characters that is just deeply in love and an ex-killer is one of the most interesting things I have read. If you're going to read it having a good sense of nostalgia for things of old will really help your enjoyment. Red Rocket 7 and the Atomics are equally as fun.

I know I have probably forgotten someone somewhere that I love with DHP (Maxwell Strangewell), but you make due with what your mind reminds you of.

And so my lowdown on the company finishes.

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