Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dark Horse Comics

What can I say about Dark Horse Comics? They publish some amazing shit. It seems they have always fostered writer/artists with solid visions, established artists that bring the A game, and have always done amazingly well with that. But that isn't everything, they've had some amazing teams, from Miller and Gibbons to Arcudi and Mahnke (with their Mask, a long time ago), and some amazing licensed comics in Star Wars, Buffy, Aliens, Predators, as well as manga ranging from Akira, Appleseed to Adam Warren's Dirty Pair, and Empowered (which may not really be manga but close enough).

Let's start with Miller. No Miller and Mignola. I look at these two men as the tentpole of comics creating for Dark Horse. Sin City is dark, dirty, sexy and broke a million different boundaries all at once, and Hellboy is visionary, fun, exciting, and steeped in the world's folklore. The projects are entirely different, but have both been produced into movies, and have very intense followings. My preference is Hellboy, as it is still producing miniseries after miniseries and employing Arcudi, Davis, Corben, Fegredo, and other amazing artists that don't come to mind right away. Sin City bled into projects such as 300, which was amazing, and Xerxes which is coming to a Dark Horse Comic near you.

Next up, Stan Sakai, super champion Stan Sakai who has done Usagi Yojimbo for who the hell knows how long, longer then I can imagine doing one thing for. Stan is still drawing the adventure of a samurai rabbit and they are enjoyable and still amazing. Maybe he plans on outlasting Sim just for the fuck of it.

John Byrne created his Next Men for Dark Horse which I never read because of the sketchy style of it and the fact that the costumes never did it for me, but there is a GN at the local store that compiles a couple and I might buy if for curiosity, as the boys at Ifanboy quite like the original run.

Art Adams did his Monkey Man series here, and it was beautifully rendered, and from the few pages that I've read seemed like an interesting idea that allowed Adams to draw cool apes and beautiful woman.

Concrete by Paul Chadwick is an great series about a man abducted and placed into the body of stone. It is a very heady, adventure tale, tackling issues of sexuality (infidelity to forced chastity), philosophy and friendship. Concrete is a writer whom becomes a celebrity, while being an art collector and man of the world. If you haven't picked up a copy go right ahead.

And with this I will say that tomorrow will be a continuation of this...because there is so much more to write about.



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