Thursday, February 10, 2011


So I don't know if its been obvious (I think it has) but I've been exploring the world of indie comics, putting my money (hard-earned) into the pockets of schmoes like me. It is an interesting little world out there for the indie, the big question being "How do I make any fucking money off of this". I hate to be so shallow, but time invested and money invested make you crave for a little something back. Try it one day, and you'll want to find that out as well. Which brings me to digital. I have noticed a lot of indie guys selling their comics online for two bucks, maybe less, maybe more, depending on the content. Which, I think is nice. Everyone has a little store set up so that you can go buy a pdf off of them for two dollars or so, and a lot of the work is pretty fucking amazing.

I don't know about you, but two bucks is pretty affordable for a nice read. I'm going to give you some names now. Scottie Young , you might have heard of. He is a cartoonist to the max, does OZ books for Marvel and makes little things for people on the side, digital things. Nice digital things. That you can buy and read. I bought a hard copy from him, but my nephews birthdays are coming up so... gives you the first 23 pages of their graphic novel for free. Yup, I bought this too. If you tweet the creator, he'll give you five bucks off. Not a bad deal for a hand-painted graphic novel about werewolves. Don't shake a stick at 23 free pages.

Matthew Warlick has a two dollar content on his page I got. I think its 72 pages for two bucks. Cannot beat a deal like that at all.
It is poetic, well-drawn and worth the money. is a friend of Matthew's and is supposed to have a webcomic out too, but I couldn't find it. His art is pretty cool though so I suggest you take a look.
Once again, no digital content, but his store is filled with cool prints and things. Same goes for Jamie.

Getting off track, but I just wanted you to see these guys. They are all talented people that have a lot to offer.

Also, keep track of
for more references and, Steve on CBR.

Back to digital content. A great way for you guys to expose yourself to new talent cheaply. Really, check it out. I have to set up something like this for Foreign Matter soon. Oh, and one more link: Two Dollar Comics
A place to find these types of things for you.

I think I had a point to make, but today isn't the day for that, laundry needs to be done.


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