Monday, February 28, 2011

Growing into Artwork

Once upon a time I hated the art of Guy Davis. I liked the projects he was involved I just couldn't wrap my mind around the art. I think Guy Davis is a genius and am glad that Mike Mignola scooped him up and put him on BPRD because that book especially made me a fan, but let's take a second and look at his body of work.

Never read Nevermen? What are you doing? Buy it and read it. I forget what it is about, but I remember enjoying it immensely (I have given away more comics and graphic novels than you will ever own, but that is another tale). Sandman Mystery Theatre, a great mystery/horror/whatever. His own Baker Street series, a different take on Sherlock Holmes.

There have been many artists that I've felt this way about, and most of them have been quite sketchy in their artwork. Butch Guice(Resurrection Man) , Steve Yeowell(Sebastien O).

Anywho, my point is I hated all these artists at one time. I would pick up comics with them in it, flip a page, and throw it back down on the rack. I don't know when I started giving this style a chance, it could have been that I just really like that writers that these folks were working with and decided that I needed to read the book no matter what it looked like and subsequently fell in love with them.

Other artists that I have troubles with sometimes;

1. John Byrne. I think it may be because he inks himself now, and I hate how he does it, but it is the sketchiest inking that I can imagine, and I cannot bring myself to reach anything with this style attached. Seriously fucked up.

2. Erik Larsen. I love Larsen and I love his style, but I have issues with his artwork sometimes. I don't like lazy panels with stick figures in them. I don't. And Larsen does panels like this quite often. But he gets his books out on time, does them himself, and writes and engaging fucking story so I can't really whine about that too much now can I?

3. Joe Kubert. This one makes me ashamed to admit, but one upon a time I didn't like Kubert artwork. Yup, too rough in the linework. I think Kubert is a god now, but there was a time when I dismissed Sgt. Rock as being shit.

4. Jerry Ordway/Dan Jurgens I was not a huge fan of the art of Superman in the 90s. I found it stiff and dismissed it on sight. I don't think that I was into dynamic art all that much back then.

5. John Romita Jr. I still find JR JR hard to look at sometimes, and I don't understand why. Journeyman artist at the max, incredible page rate, some amazing splashes, but for some reason the art falls flat in my lap.

This list is kinda fucked when I look at it. These are some legends, but I can't help how my mind has reacted at some point (mostly my teens) to this type of art. Could it be that I was bred on clean line artwork, and really appreciate that, or could it be that I am just plain fucked?

It is a matter of opinion I think.

Who do you hate? Who do you love? Let me know, respond here, on facebook, on twitter, or wherever you can get me.

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