Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reaching the End

I have two issues left to write. That's it. Then editing (fuck), and writing some supplemental material. Then all I have to do is letter and do some graphic design elements (fuck). Which means I still have a lot of fucking work to do.

But the writing part is almost done, and that is super exciting. Plotted, written and finished. That will be a first for me. Actually giving some thought to what I'm writing and making sure that everything is executed to plan. NICE.

I worry about character, the heart of the story, but I think I am handling that well enough considering that this is one huge story that has a lot of plot points that I want to hit (too many? NAH, I want to go over the top with my first superhero story).

It is scary to think about what I might do next. I have some ideas and one of them is great, but I think I might just stick in the sci-fi superhero genre for one more four issue story. We shall see.


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