Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week Two of Indie Comics - Pellet Reviews

I am a little jittery after heading into a comic shop and ignoring the bigger titles for another week, and giving my money to someone that might need it a little more. I purchased two titles that only had two copies on the shelves, Love and Capes, and Lil' Depressed Boy. I also picked up Empowered, one of the past pilot seasons from Top Cow, and Fortune and Glory.

Love and Capes is a nice little nugget of real life fictionalized. The characters are apartment hunting, I relate because so am I. They are talking about relationship-y types of things. It was a bit of a stride for me to get into superheroes just talking and everyday life, but once I was into it the characters started growing on me. Lots of nice little touches about how everyday life would be with superpowers (thin walls don't matter because there you always hear the neighbours.

Lil' Depressed Boy, well it is not that depressing. I smiled quite a lot at it in fact. Basically a tale about living a little not hurting, as long as you do it with a hot chick (and a good friend).

Empowered was one of those books that I'm not quite sure about. If you like cheesecake art, lots of nudity and sex things, then this is for you. I like Adam Warren, but he alludes to really skinny girls being fat, and that bothers me. There are some funny jokes, and the sexual humor can be funny, but just leave out the fat jokes and I might be interested to see more.

And the pilot season. It had an interesting story by Jason Aaron when he was still starting out. Ripclaw basically running around killing people because he can see the dead. You can see how much he has improved in his craft as you read what he has done. Joe Kelly also had an interesting Velocity story in the trade. Actually most of the stories were quality. Stefan Sepjic draws one, Kevin Maguire another. Quite nice all in all.

Fortune and Glory - a look into the Hollywood system. I read Bendis' Sam and Twitch the other month as well, he loves his dialogue. Fortune should probably be read by every wannabe script writer in the entire world, just so that they know what they are getting into, once they actually get their break.

An enjoyable week for me overall.

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