Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is it with Superman?

I'd probably like this Superman better, he seems to have some character.

I know I've bitched a griped about characters before, but I just don't understand Superman. Is this a character that's the product of a different age, that doesn't translate all that well into this one?

Okay, let's make a list;

1.He's a farmer's boy raised by Ma and Pa Kent. They still call them Ma and Pa Kent, but I think that is a nice piece of character work.

2.He's an alien from another planet, yet he is the most powerful of us all. I kinda get why Lex Luthor can hate this guy.

3. He is a reporter for the Daily Planet which gives him an interesting point of view, I wonder who the Ted Turner is in his world, and I wonder why and how they remain so objective in the DCU. Good ol' investigative reporting I guess :X.

4. His wife is a hot chick whom has a big brain and did not like him until he said he was Superman. This point has to really, really, really suck when you come down to it. I know you could probably say she softened to Clark after all those years, but she still didn't find his ass all that hot.

5. His best friend is basically an intern (well maybe not anymore) that just might be cooler then Clark is.

6. Lex Luthor is the villain with which you can relate the most to in the entire DCU. Some uppity farmer boy with wholesome qualities decides that what you are doing doesn't fit into his state of being. Fuck him! Right? Right. Damn right.

Dear lord, as I write this I am getting a whole lot of story ideas regarding this character that would be fun to explore. Hear that Geoff Johns, Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and Matt Idelson. I am ready to take over now.

Ha! Anywho, I don't get how people write this joke of a character. First, he is way too inaccessible as a character. I cannot fucking relate. Alien man that flies around with a hot wife is somebody that I can't relate to. Who is Clark Kent? I don't fucking know, do you?

Secondly, the man seems a helluva lot too powerful for his own good. Crack out the kryptonite, take a hostage, what are all of the other cliche storylines that seem to go along with what Superman is all about.

Yet, by taking Superman out of the regular DCU and killing him and embracing these facts Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely gave us what could be the best modern Superhero comic to come out in a long time (suck that Alan Moore). Truly boggles my mind that comic, but I'm not talking about that.

Superman I just don't get you, especially since you are walking across America in a mind-controlled haze beating up and drug dealers and kicking ass in Basketball in some red tights. Who plays ball in red tights? Get some nikes and some shorts on your ass. Really.

DC. I don't get Superman, especially in his title right now. Although supposedly Chris Roberson is doing a good job. No wonder Lex's Action comics is so much better for a comic, you're dealing with a character with actual issues that I can relate to.

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