Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I Like Image Comics

I like Image, or should I say I like the company they've grown into. Once upon a time they were a company that helped put the industry into a tailspin by pumping out a lot of shit in the speculator market. I read a lot of stuff that had little story and really bad artwork in those days, but I also have some pretty fond memories of it all, so I can't be that mad at them. Somewhere along the line Image smartened up and tightened up. They started hiring talented people. Todd helped create his universe with the likes of Sim, Gaiman (infamously), Miller and the like, but Moore helped Lee and Liefeld tighten things up. And Larsen, Larsen is a fucking champ of self-publishing.

Joe Casey, Sam Kieth, Kurt Busiek, Jeff Smith, Colleen Doran, and Larry Marder, Michael Turner, Humberto Ramos, Joe Mad,J. Scott Campbell, James Robinson, Mike Allred, Brian Bendis and Paul Smith began to change the face of how Image was perceived. It wasn't just a superhero with pouches company after these names were involved.

Image has been the talent scout for the industry, the place where people go to show the industry what they're made of. Seriously. In the past couple of years they've brought you works by Aaron, Hickman, Spencer, Fraction, Remender and a plethora of other talent that has been absorbed to both DC and Marvel (mostly Marvel though). And they brought me goddamn James Stokoe's Orc Stain which I adore (read it).

The comics they publish range from sci-fi to superhero, to horror with the odd romance thrown in for good measure. They are constantly testing the boundaries for what will fly and what won't. And over the past couple of years they've produced some good content.

There has been some shit packed in there as well and I once heard a rumor that they'll stick the "I" on anything if you pay them enough, but overall it is an exciting company to watch. What will they bring us next?


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