Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arist's Artists - Part Six

Well, here we go, time to provoke some discussion. But I'll start with something a little less incendiary.

1. Jacques Tardi, aka Tardi. Very pen and ink a quite cartoon-y in parts, but with a definite realism. Very French. A little rougher than our next entry, and a little more fine art.

2. Herge. If you don't like Herge and you are an artist. Quit. Now. The storytelling, the beats, the backgrounds, the character work, all done with a nice unbroken line.

3. Osamu Tezuka. Now that I've gone overseas, I have to include this man. His work is astonishingly simple, and astonishingly complex.

4.Katsuhiro Otomo. I know this is cliche, but I don't care. You still get artists in the west copying the shit out of this. Everyday. Worship the rough, inky like that is Otomo.

5. Masamune Shirow. Cliche again, but I want to see any other artist on this list that includes blueprints for machine design into their art. Blueprints, the man is seriously thinking about his tech. Nice, inky lines again and dynamic action sequences.

6. David Mazzucchelli. Human and interesting art. A style chameleon with a simple line. Very influential style for tons of people on the market today. Buy Asterios Polyp and watch him chew the paper up.

7. Steve Rude. Clean and classic. Amazing paints. Just crazy what this man can do.

8. Geoff Darrow. Insane. Insanely incredibly fantastical. My eyes want to rip out of my head and sex his drawings.

9. Neal Adams. Insane genius, supposedly comics would not be like they are today without this man. I heard that somewhere. I think his Batman: Odyssey is one of the craziest things ever, in a good way.

10. D'israeli. Cartoonist, and storyteller. Has done some amazing work, and creeped the shit out of me more then once.

Okay, I lied for the most part, but we are getting there, to the point where I don't really know what I'm talking about, but will keep on anyways. Toodles,


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