Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Team Assemble!

Photo by Big Red 5

You've got a script that you've written the hell out of. It is the most amazing script in the entire world, but you cannot draw a lick, now even one little tiny little bit of a line that looks like it might look like a head, time to put together an art team.

I've had incredibly good luck in this department, I've heard of guys that can go forever without finding an art partner. I've managed to put together two teams of artists that are willing to make some amazing comics, one of these teams has been in the last month or so.

I'll talk about Foreign Matter first. I looked forever for an art team on FM, had my script called a piece of shit by at least one artist that was a fucking loser, and decided after looking for months without so much as a bite, that it was time to jump in the pool and pay someone. So Digital Webbing and Penciljack both got some love as I threw my idea and the fact that I would pay a page rate up online. Did I get a response? Fuck yes I did. People love money, and artists love to get paid. I've mentioned this before in other blogs. Pay your artists if you have something big you want to get out and you want great art for.

This is the way I look at it. Artists make you look good. Good artists make you look great. If your story is halfway decent, you might get the attention of someone that likes your work and find yourself making a little bit of that money back (hopefully). But this isn't about the money, it is about the love of the genre.

The second art team is my insanely amazing art team that I've gotten together to draw a short that we can all pad our portfolios with and that I will attempt to sell after it is done (back end deal). Ten pages, three guys making a cool story that we can experiment a little with, spread our wings and show suckas what we can do.

I'm going to attempt to explain the logic behind how I got such an amazing team together for this short project.

1. It is a small, non-time consuming project. One and done. In and out.

2. The talent involved is having fun making comics. Have fun.

3. That's about it.

Once again I posted on Digital Webbing, Penciljack, Millarworld Forums, even on the Whitechapel Forum (although there was little response from them) about the whole thing. I got about four artists to work with from one ad, and one of the projects is most definitely going to come to fruition.

One thing to beware, if you are getting art for free, artists may just flake out on you, or bail at the last minute. Just get back out there again and pimp it like mad.

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