Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artist's Artist - Number 4

I've got a little more time here comes part 4.

Jaime Hernandez. Simply complicated sexy images that ooze punk, but not entirely anymore. The ability to draw all sorts of body shapes really, really well, and both sexes in a varietal too.

2. Gilbert Hernandez. A completely different style form his brother, with huge breasts on his woman. Don't ask me why. Still lots of nice white space, and a grand storyteller. He captured village life really, really well. Great storytelling and pacing.

3. Sergio Aragones. Yup, this man has a style. All body, little legs and feet, thick lines, and enough detail packed in to drown a horse. Humor is no small feat, and this man has it coming out his pores and sweating down his pen onto paper.

4. Frank Frazetta. A genius.

5. Basil Wolverton. Another with lots of linework and cross-hatching in his figures, but with a style that is comedic and horrible at the same time.

6. Bernard Krigstein. Associated with introducing a lot of motion into comics, as well a being bold and brave in his storytelling choices, Krigstein is no slouch.

7. Jim Steranko. Originally in advertising he brought over some majorly cool graphic ideas into graphic fiction. His use of blacks, space, fine linework and intense dynamic character work in the vein of Kirby and Simon mixed with some design elements and pacing led to some cool shit happening on his pages.

8. Jack Davis. Horror, Western, Comedy, a jack of all trades. Segued over into the poster world, and graphic design world where the real money was. Shame.

9. Philipe Druillet. This one makes me joygasm. Totally unique, totally awesome. A man in his own world, somewhat tall, triangular figures, trippy sci-fi renderings.

10. Michael Kaluta. Fairy-like lines that span the pages, his design work is impeccable.

11. Alponse Mucha. Not a comics person, a deco painter that has influenced every comic artist on this list. Well, maybe not but I'm prone to exaggeration. He's awesome. His framing elements and clothe draping are everywhere in comics.

12. Gil Kane. Powerful, lithe figure work. Bold blacks, and spicy energy flying out of crisp backgrounds. Nice. Check out his work on the Atom.

13. Michael Golden. Dark, sexy and imaginative to the breaking point of your mind, that's Michael's art. Oh mama is it good, and so is his Dr. Strange. The following page might easily be one of my favorite comics pages of all times.

And now really this is it for today. I have things to do.

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