Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artist's Artist - Part Number 3

The more I thought, the more my list has grown, so today there is gonna be a list, because I have some other things to write about (to my surprise), but these artists are amazing and impregnate my dreams with weird shit.

1. Richard Corben. I know I've said that I love other artists best, but I think Corbo has a special place in my heart. He has a special place in Mike Mignola's heart, that's for sure, and that's saying something. His figures are a little short and a little wide, but he is a fearless artist, able to balance any genre, equally instilling fear and awe, sex and science. I am in awe. One of the only pros I've actually asked to do a cover for me (he declined politely due to time constraints). Oh, and he drew the cover to Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell. And one more thing, he draws men just as naked as woman, as someone that love equal opportunity, this is amazing.

2. Bernie Wrightson. The first time I ever saw Wrightson I didn't know what to do. Beautiful, horrible stuff. I can't say enough about this man's structure and line. His inks are clean, the way he frames things is impeccable. A master of telling a visual horror story (a lot of people stray away from this because it is HARD to do in comics).
My brain happily runs in fear from his images.

3. Terrence Lindall. Keeping it horrible. Haven't heard of this one, he hasn't done a comic in awhile, but he was Creepy, and Eery and full of horror comics, adding shots of surreal to the comics scene. His work on comic is limited, but what is there is a shot of crazed beauty.

4.Steve Bisette. Since we're rocking a theme so far. Steve is the only person crazy enough to tell a story about the life of a dinosaur (well maybe not the only, GON, but the first). But this isn't about story its about art. Read his Swamp Thing, and just fucking melt into the sidewalk, his mind was not on this planet for the entire run, or maybe it was OF this planet. Dirty line with so much attitude on this one.

5. Bill Wray. Slightly more cartoon-y equally as horrible as all of the other artists on this list. Bill is a fucking power-player in this list. If you haven't seen and don't love Bill, think emotion, exaggeration, gross-out craziness. Wacky-packs, mad magazine, Ren and Stimpy's good parts, and...fuck this guy is awesome. And check out William Wray for the serious stuff.

6. Mort Drucker. Think the art of the caricature, because Mort has it down and when you think of the word you are thinking of a picture drawn by this man. Exaggerated features in just the right way, coupled with a nice clean line. Pure sparkling goodness.

7. Esteban Moroto. Like sexy ladies? Think Vampirella, Red Sonja from the seventies and eighties. Think thin lines, but a million of them, couple with amazingly-rendered backgrounds with fine penmanship all over them. You've got Esteban. Y'know Amethyst, the comic they're bringing back for was him in the good issues. Yeah. Crazy, I know.

8. Will Elder. Little Anny Fanny. Mad Comics, seen the art to the first issue. Him. Once you see the style you know him, round lines with expressive details in his figurework. His painting kinda reminds me of Corben, but is all his own.

9 R. Crumb. Thick legged woman with lots of cross-hatching, that is how I think of Crumb, but the man is a mad genius with a pen. Able to adapt his style to whatever ounce of realism of cartoon-y goodness he wants, he is an underground ounce of crazy with a fetish for drawing.

10. Melinda Gebbie. The first woman on this list, and for that I am sad at myself, but she deserves it. Fuck her relationship, she deserves it. A style all her own, multi-colored figures with a thick simple round line. In Lost Girls she apes just about every major artist in her style and it is cool (she also draws a lot of nether regions in that there book. What? I had to say it).

11. Drew Struzan. Technically not a comics artist, but his influence on the industry is retarded. You've seen the posters, you know what I'm talking about. Yup.

12. H.R Giger. I am really bunching things together in nice, neat little packages. Aliens. You know him. And if you don't think metal organic crunch.

13. Moebius. I love when I get to artists where I can't decide what picture to put up. Known for his crazy mind and alien landscapes, I once read that the further he got along in his career the simpler he tried to ZEN art it is.

And there is more to come tomorrow.

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