Friday, March 4, 2011

Artist's Artists Part 5

Here we are again. Getting closer and closer to contemporary artists, wherein I might make a couple of interesting choices that people will want to smash me in the balls for, but I can take ball smashing so here we go.

1. Gene Colan. Because Gene is Daredevil swinging through the roofs, Blade stabbing Dracula, and so much more. He is Marvel in the seventies people. Figures that explode from the page, a dark, rough style that is sweet as cherry pie on a summer's eve.

2.Frank Miller. It's Frank Miller bitches, respect.

3. Kevin Nolan. Dark, inky and sexy smooth. Kev is a draftsman. Period.

4. Howard Chaykin. Noir, and sexy. I feel that Howard brought that to comics in a way that hadn't been done before. Not afraid to piss people off with impeccable lines, and crazed thinking. Love it. Not just resting on laurels either, still working.

5. Arthur Suydam. By now you've seen his dead people paintings and aren't they a treat? The guy has been around the block, he is a genius with color and composition. Seriously look at this guys color choices. MAD!

6. Paul Smith. Smooth like butter. Simple composition and sexy smooth lines. His X-Men and Doctor Strange work make me want to hunt him down and shove a pencil in his hand and make him draw by gunpoint. SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!

7. Arthur Adams. Fuck me is he good.

8. P. Craig Russell. Thin lined beauty. Ethereal in a way.

9. Mike Mignola. He of the big-shouldered figures and block blacks everywhere inspired a million artists. Taking things to a cartooning level and gracefully simplifying things.

10. Bill Sienkiewicz. Brought crazy to the mainstream, and thank god for it. Exaggerated everything, bold colors and just different.

11. Art Spiegelman. Bringing fine art to graphic format? Never really the same thing twice, but a very woodcut style, very, very classic comics form.

12. Brian Bolland. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, covers only really, but damned pretty and damned well executed. Wanna be a cover king? Study this man.

And tomorrow I start picking contemporary. Eeks.

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