Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artist's Artists - Part Seven

Okay. Contemporary. Do I know everyone? No. Have I seen everyone's work? No. So I'm ill-informed, but whatever. I'm keeping descriptions down to one word today.

1. Jock. Scratchy.

2. Eddie Campbell. Inky.

3. Kyle Baker. Anything.

4. Darwyn Cooke. Canadian.

5. Dave Gibbons. Watchmen.

6. Michael Zulli. Ethereal.

7. Jim Woodring. Fucked.

8. Eduardo Risso. Insane.

9. Stuart Immonen. Chameleon.

10. Charles Vess. Faerie.

11. James Jean. Pretty.

12. Travis Charest. Line-y.

13. Chris Ware. Obsessive.

14. Kaare Andrews. Rubbery.

15. Simon Bisley. Crazy.

16. Sam Keith. Crazy 2.

17. Erik Larsen. Yup.

18.David B. French.

19. Joe Sacco. Bold.

20. James Stokoe. Cock.

21. Rafael Grampa. Hype.

22. Paul Pope. Cool.

23. Ryan Ottley. Sane?

24. Pia Guerra. Human.

25. Eric Canete. Velocity.

26. Adam Hughes. Naked?

27. Frank Quitely. Bulgy.

28. Ashley Wood. Skritch.

29. Humberto Ramos. Emotive.

30. Gene Ha. Whoa.

31. Tony Salmons. Check it.

32.Mike Allred. Ginchy.

There are so many more. But that is is for this series! Write and tell me who I missed.

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