Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello Martin John,

This ban was by our side and after the manual review of your content we have returned the account back online.

The last couple of days my website has been offline. I'm hosted for free on 50 Webs, and I agreed to a contract of some sorts that I didn't really read when I signed up, just like every web contract that I sign. I've been kind of paying attention to my site, seeing if a generous philanthropist has graciously donated the money needed to finish the comic, making sure all the links work, and making sure the site isn't all that ugly, but lately it has been coming up with a blank screen and so on saying "This host in not yet active".

So, being a curious little bugger that wanted his website back online, I bombed off a couple of emails asking why I no longer was able to view my site. They had taken my site down due to CONTENT.


Okay, Foreign Matter is not for your little bro, or your son, but it really is not the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. There is some maiming and some zombies, and some people getting halved, but all in all it is pretty tame to some of the things being consumed by people in this world.

I got censored.

Damn. That really sucks, but good sense prevailed. 50 Webs looked over the content on the site, by hand, and put the site back online. Because it is now proven, Foreign Matter won't injure your children's heads...that much.

Martin John, out to harm the minds of the world ;)

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