Monday, March 7, 2011

Event Comics

Okay fans, or marketing people, I'm going to blast you one. What is it with your desire to have every little thing count?

"I only read in continuity books" has to be about the silliest thing in the world to say to anyone, because, in my case, I've always found that the peripheral books and the ones that aren't in continuity are the ones that creators can actually take chances in.

No, they are not going to do anything horrible to Bruce Banner. They aren't. Ever. So in East Coast Avengers they might just give Squirrel Girl a huge ass tumor or something like that and she could be dead the next month.

Not that I'm looking for more death in comics, but just a slight notion of reality, that someone could be struck by a bus at any moment and end up in the hospital.

So go out and buy a comic in which continuity matters not because Daredevil, he's coming back, Black Panther isn't going to be around in Hell's Kitchen forever, Johnny Storm's not really dead, and Magneto won't be a hero for long.


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