Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flux UK - A Time To Pimp IT!

Okay boys and girls Flux Uk is getting up and running. These are the stories you can catch in it. Foreign Matter - mine, a murder/mystery superhero thrash down that I know you will love because German Ponce and I crank that dial up to 11.

Faithless - I have no idea what this is about, but it features on big dude, and one little dude. I'll let the pencils do the talking.

Teregrin - Written and drawn by Ed Quinby

BLURB: Join Teregrin, a homeless and somewhat scurrilous adventurer in his 5th century bar crawl across a failed Roman Empire. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, he'll encounter life and love while in pursuit of alcohol. Enticing tales of jeopardy, comedy, sorcery and drunken debauchery are being served... Bottoms Up! This round is on us!


No matter what part of the 5th century world Teregrin wanders to, trouble manages to find him. The young kingdom if Burgundy is no different as our redoubtable semi-hero encounters a wild boar hunt in progress. The hunt does go as planned, but not by the hunter. While it initially seems that Teregrin has fallen into good times, he is unprepared for the Machiavellian machinations of the upper class. Employment is offered, accepted, soon rejected and then hastily exited. Per usual, the only friends a rogue makes are fair weather ones and though he has to leave town, at least it's not on the horse he rode in on.

Tusk - Written and drawn by James Boulton

Tusk Synopsis

Tusk is a story about genetic modification gone too far in a dystopian future. Tusk is a grizzled old war veteran addicted to steroids and painkiller's - Suffering from blackouts and hallucinations Tusk's past is catching up to him, and it's threatening to unleash World War Three in Europe.

In 2046 Tusk is a gun for hire, hunting down illegally augmented freaks. Yet his mysterious soviet passed seems to have other plans for him as government agents and foreign cyborgs follow his every move. Determined to find out what the hell is going on Tusk accepts a well-paid offer to infiltrate his old homeland, and uncover who has overthrown the Kremlin in a silent coup.

Lured into a trap Tusk is rescued by the beautiful Chinese spy Tang, and the two of them are embroiled into an imperial conspiracy no one expected. As events start to unravel Tusk discovers his old Spetsnaz commander known only as the ‘Colonel' is behind everything. The only problem is, Tusk thought him dead over fifty years ago...

Governments are panicking; war seems like the only path. Can Tusk survive genetically enhanced monstrosities and his own demons to save Europe from calamity?


  1. Swag Swag Swag Swag. This is pimp.

  2. Thanks man. I've just seen most of this myself today.