Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How do you popularize comics?

This is not impossible, nor is it insane, but how do you make comics mainstream? How do you make North America, and hell, the rest of the world interested in what I believe is one of the best ways of communicating ideas to one another, if not the best.

1. Make it cheaper. Cut costs wherever you can, make the paper cheaper newsprint, make the covers less glossy, cut out the color. Make the magazines bigger, for a price that makes money when it is sold wholesale.

2. Make it more accessible. Magazine distribution in bookstores and specialty shops, but pushing a system where subscription is key. Sell in the direct market as well, with pamphlets in the magazine highlighting local comics shops in the area.

3. Original content and content that has already been published. As long as the book is pushing 200 pages each month then include whatever you can, whatever is amazing and whatever keeps the readers coming back.

4. Content other then comics content, but kept to a dull roar. Add in whatever other things that are interesting to the demographic you are pushing for. Be it fall fashion or video games, as long as it hold the interests of the target market and keeps them coming back.

5. Online presence. Digital copies for digital readers on all platforms. Having too many people reading it is not a bad thing. Day and date release coinciding with the magazine release. Have a google map point to the closest place where you can buy a copy.

6. Celebrity endorsements. Do whatever you can to get the people that like comics involved in them. Give Nic Cage's son another comic to write, give Oprah an endorsed comic book, give Letterman a comedy book, whatever. Tie-in what you can where you can.

All of this makes too much sense to me, why are we not doing things like this? Why does the comics community sit around and bemoan the death of the comic book when they could get off their asses and do something about it.

Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Viz, Boom, Dynamite are you listening? You should be.

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