Friday, March 18, 2011

Joe Sacco

So I got off my ass yesterday and went and saw Joe Sacco speak about things comic related. It was great, some woman with an arts degree that sounded like she had an arts degree introduced the series that he was a part of, and then the student responsible for bringing him here got to say a couple of very idealized paragraphs about Joe himself.

Joe was talking about Footnotes in Gaza, his new book that I haven't read, but from the slides I saw last night it looks like a very, very pretty book, that I would probably have to recommend to everyone I know. The man worked on the book for seven years. That's right SEVEN years, drawing from photo reference, scripting from his notes, his journals, and little doodles and diagrams he had drawn.

One thing in particular caught my attention. Joe talked about the fact that his comics didn't sell as single issues at all, no one bought them. Yet, he makes an income off of the books that he has drawn in bookstores. The audience wasn't your typical comics audience (for me anyways), and perhaps because this was an arts lecture, but it was very mixed in every way, sexually and racially diverse. This is the dream section of whom you want reading a comic done by a cartoonist. This is the regular man reading something that they normally wouldn't, and that is amazing.

It goes to show me that there is an audience out there to consume well done comics work in different genres, we just have to produce it and market it well. YAY!

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