Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lil Mister Dreamer

Yesterday I went a little nuts on the internet. I had an agenda and that agenda was to get people thinking about the state of comics and to do something about it. I wish it was as easy as that sentence was to write.

I'm not sure how this industry works. I have a little inkling and I have to expand my knowledge of that right quick. I know of the direct market, but I don't know how that affects sales, I know comic retailers order their comics and what they order is what is printed (I think, I just found a couple of articles on it and I will read further). Now this is totally unrelated to how the magazine distributors work, and how booksellers work. Direct market means sales, the magazine market will sink you if you do not sell by returns. Okay. Got that.

The magazine market, and how magazines sell on stands is correlated directly with whether or not the magazine stays on the stands. This is where subscriptions come in, sell subscriptions and you have a base income for your magazine and those sold on the stands will break even while providing you with exposure. Okay got that.

Now there is the internet, a much cheaper way to find an audience because people don't have to leave their houses and can order something right to their house, or download it directly onto their tablet. Okay got that.

An online presence makes sense, a hardcore one, one that bends all reality and markets the shit out of itself and goes from there. So is print something that I should consider if I was wanting to make a comic that is far reaching, or should I just contact, or one of the other major webcomics distributors, and see what they have to say.

So, my conclusion to this incoherent ramble. Online and then print seems like the safest way for something to birth itself these days. There may be a birth coming.

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