Thursday, March 10, 2011


Marketing your comic book is insane. I am definitely not a fucking expert at this, but I do what I can when I can. What you are reading is my attempt to market myself a little while getting the much needed writing experience. As much as I say that marketing takes time and effort I can't imagine what Dave Sim went through to market his comic, or Jeff Smith, they did it before the dawn of the internet, and the internet is my number one marketing tool.

Yes, I blog to write, but I also blog to keep my name in the interweb, inside of people's minds like a virus, and just because I need somewhere to dump my thoughts (better then a the bottom of a bottle). I actually post the same thing at two places, here, and on tumblr, because Tumblr is kinda a cool twitter/bog experience that lets you re-post things and post them to Twitter as well.

Having two blogs with the same content is weird, but I don't know how many people follow this one (except for my mom and selected other cool people in the world), Tumblr tells me when someone is following my words and makes me feel like a champ when I count them up on my one hand. So I have two, and hope that having more then one will ramp up my online profile, and I think it has.

I'm on Facebook, as Foreign Matter with a group, with a fanpage, and by myself as Martin John (you can look that one up if you really want to make "friends" with me). I post all by blogging on there because our comic looks cool and it gives people something that they can read while they wait for the next issue (soon, I promise. It will be worth the wait). I try and use their group setting as much as possible, and post on others pages, make my presence known, etc. I also tag better known comic artists in my pictures and that gets me a little following here and there (at the risk of the creator hating me forever, but hopefully they have been in my place and know it for what it is). This has worked fairly well so far and I am grateful to a fellow named Christian Zamora for giving me some of his tips on the Facebook.

Twitter is a comics creators haven (@foreignmatter). A lot of your favorite creators are on there so that they can let you know what is happening with their work and associate with their peers at the same time. Every once in awhile someone will acknowledge your random twitter reply, or re-post one of your things. Lots of flattery and curiosity seems to work (I don't do this, but have had this done to me and I loved it) when approaching people, and just plain being on the damn thing, twitting about some shit or other.
I post all of my other web experiences up there as well.

I'm also on Formspring, and on Stumbleupon but not as much as I should be because they have their own little niche as well.

On top of all this I have my website that I created and run all by my lonesome and apologize for often. But it works, it holds my online content and I am capable of putting up whatever I want on it whenever. I get about five to ten visitors a day from somewhere so it seems to work in some capacity.

And I put all my comics up on Issuu. They promote me a little themselves, and they give me statistics on all of my documents I have with them. WE have over 7700 readers on our first issue and supplemental issues, and only fifty percent of them make it past the fifth page.

One more nifty little thing is Project Wonderful, where you can bid to be on more popular websites then mine. Find one with lots of followers that is cheap and you're good to go.

And that is my marketing 101. If you have a lot of money you can put up a Facebook ad, or something like that. I haven't monetized my site because I tried for a couple of months and made about five cents and then watched The Social Network and heard it was ugly to put ads on your site, so I stopped with that.


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