Sunday, March 13, 2011

Once upon a time

When I was younger I made three issues of a comic/zine comic called All Attitude. I wrote the entire thing with right onto the page that I was drawing and did it all train of thought style. Kinda like this blog.

Then I drew my little drawings and inked them over. It was hand produced entirely and it was one hard haul. It took forever to get done and when the first issue dropped it sucked so bad that when I hit issue 3 I re-drew the entire first issue.

I sold it (because of the kindness of the owner) from our local comic shop and might have even sold two or three copies, because I had one fan send me letters for years asking me when the fourth issue was coming out. It felt nice to have a fan that cared and loved my punk rock rambling. It was funny, I searched the web and asked punk artists to put their paintings in my zine with a circulation of about ten. And people responded and let me, and were quite nice about it.

When I came to Toronto I had my little comic under my arm for my first ever convention. There was a table that was not being used in artist's alley so I plunked myself down and started up a conversation with the people next to me. They were pleasant anarchist type kids and we had a laugh as I peddled my comic for free and still had a hard time pushing it into people's hands.

So somewhere out there some hardcore collector, or some bastard just might have a copy of my All Attitude comic. I still do, and I read it fondly once in awhile.


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