Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing Nice With Others

Last night I got home to a page of artwork from a new artist I am working with. I had worked for eleven hours, had dinner, had a couple of beers, and was feeling tired as shit. The page was nice, and the artist I was working with asked a couple of questions. Do you want help finding a colorist? And how should we promote this?

I wrote back with this, "I would love for you to look for someone to color the pages. I trust your taste in that more then mine, your image of the art is probably more realized. As for the pages, promote them as they come, and as often as possible. I have twitter, tumblr, facebook, etcetra, and I will be doing the same.

Really, you can do whatever you want with this. Go as crazy as you can."

What I received back was the last thing I expected, "I'm bowing out". The artist then proceeded to say that if I wrote the piece that I should have more of an opinion on the art and where it was headed, saying that I was hiding my feelings around the piece of art he had sent, and that I hadn't said anything about it (I hadn't) either positive or negative, and saying that I was afraid to let my feelings out.

Really, I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall. I wrote him a story, I liked his art, and thought it would be fun to watch an artist go mad. Carte blanche on a story. I give my artists a lot of rope on the scripts that I hand them because they're artists, and when doing an exercise for the fun of it I think that having the opportunity to let yourself go and find new directions to go in is integral to being an artist.

Now, I'm pissed about all this. Am I not allowed to be tired after work? Or human and forgetful? Of think that if you are offering to get a colorist that you might have a really great idea about how you want to execute the artwork?

Fuck. Fuckity, fuckity fuck.

Yeah. That feels a little better, but my blood is hot now and it will take me awhile to get down from that.

Next time you talk with someone about making comics, remember it is amazing, but it is hard fucking work.

Until next time,


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